• What to Know About Extending Your Living Space

    Did you know that you can increase the value of your home by extending your living space? If you have always wanted a courtyard, outdoor kitchen, or patio in Nashville , Custom Hardscapes is the company to call. Keep these things in mind as you consider extending your living space.

    outdoor living space Nashville

    Take Stock of Your Home

    What is the architectural style or color scheme of your home? We recommend using a similar style for your outdoor living space extension, as this makes the extension feel and look more coherent with the rest of your home. You can even carry on the design of your homes interior by choosing complimentary outdoor materials. Even if you use discreet colors in your new living space, you can still liven up the area with plants and accessories.

    Assess the Layout of Your Yard

    Measure your yard and take notice of hills, slopes, trees, and plants so that your patio can compliment these features. If you plan to entertain in your outdoor living space, pay attention to where the sun is during different times of the day before designing the living area.

    Consider Outdoor Amenities

    Build a fire pit, barbeque pit, outdoor pizza oven, or outdoor gas stove so that you can enjoy cooking outdoors while entertaining guests in your new living space. Build an outdoor kitchen with a granite countertop to minimize trips back inside during meals.

    Add Finishing Touches

    Lighting and plants go a long way to creating the ideal atmosphere. Place lights in the trees, on the pathways, or in a nook to create a charming look in your new space. Plants serve as colorful accents to your living space, and can be changed out easily if you want to modify the area. Add an insect repellent lantern or candle to ensure that bugs do not become a nuisance when you’re enjoying your new space.

  • Using Concrete for Your Outdoor Kitchen

    Are you looking for a way to make your patio in Nashville more interesting? At Custom Hardscapes, we can install an outdoor kitchen that will revolutionize the way you enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests.

    Many outdoor kitchens benefit from the use of concrete, which is an attractive material known for its versatility and durability. You can get concrete in a wide range of finishes, colors, imbeds, and shapes. You can even have the edges of your concrete countertops finished with different details that compliment the look of your outdoor kitchen and the patio as a whole. Concrete is also very low maintenance, which makes it ideal for any outdoor living space. Watch the video clip to learn more about how concrete can transform your outdoor kitchen.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Retaining Walls

    Built to hold back earth or water, retaining walls can also serve the purpose of adding curb appeal to your home and increasing its value. If your property rests on uneven grounds and you want to keep rocks and soil back, a retaining wall is a great solution. If you are considering a retaining wall in Nashville , gather hardscaping ideas in the following article.

    retaining wall Nashville

    Gravity Walls

    This type of retaining wall is for those who only need a small wall, usually four feet high or less. Gravity walls have a thicker base and tend to lean backwards against the materials it is designed to hold back. The structural integrity of a gravity wall is dependent upon the weight of the wall. Over time, the force of the materials pushes the wall outwards, which indicates that the wall is unstable and needs to be replaced.

    Sheet Pile

    Also known as a piling retaining wall, sheet pile retaining walls are ideally built on soft soils. They are ideal in spaces where there isn’t much space for wide barriers. With a sheet pile fence, planks made from steel, wood, or vinyl are pushed into the soil and held up by the ground on both sides. This wall also requires a cable to bond the wall and the tieback anchor. Similar to sheet pile retaining walls, anchored retaining walls also use cables fastened to the top and base to increase the strength of the wall.


    These single-layered walls are uniformly thick, with the base connected to a slab and steel reinforcement in both the base and surface of the wall. If you hire a professional company to build the base, the cantilever is one of the best types of retaining walls to hold tall slopes.


    Counterfort retaining walls are similar to cantilever walls, but contain a thin vertical concrete webs along the rear side of the walls. These vertical webs, known as counterforts, connect the top of the wall with the base to add strength to the wall. This makes them ideal when building a wall of 25 feet or higher.

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  • Make Your Backyard an Extension of Your Home

    No matter how big or small your house is, you can increase your living space by extending it into your backyard. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing with your family. You can create an outdoor living room with weather-friendly furniture on your paver patio, and build an outdoor kitchen so that you can grill and cook in the open air. As you consider how to transform your backyard into an outdoor living space, don’t forget to take your landscaping into account. Rid your yard of weeds and overgrown plants, and come up with a plan that will give you both privacy and shade. Take a look at this infographic from the Nashville hardscape design specialists at Custom Hardscapes LLC to find ideas on how you can create an outdoor living space. Please share with your friends and family, and live it up outside all year long.