• Is a Retaining Wall Right For You

    The Benefits of a Retaining Wall Nashville

    If your property contains unusual or challenging natural landscaping features, you may want to consider installing a retaining wall. This hardscape design will ensure that you are able to create a functional patio or outdoor living space, without needing to worry about erosion or other issues. A retaining wall will be able to fully restrain a slope in your yard, ensuring that your home or backyard does not become damaged by the movement of soil over time. Along with providing soil retaining properties, a retaining wall can also enhance the privacy of your backyard. Retaining walls can be used on the outer edges of a property to provide privacy and comfort for the homeowner. If you are seeking some terrific hardscaping ideas for your yard, do not hesitate to work with a company that offers hardscape design in Nashville. With professional design services, you will be able to create a beautiful and durable retaining wall for your home.

  • What to Consider When You’re Planning Your Patio

    Many landscaping professionals agree: It’s quite common to see patios in Nashville that are improperly sized or oddly shaped. Fortunately, proper planning with the right hardscape design company will completely avoid this problem. Take the following considerations in mind when designing your patio to ensure it is both useful and attractive.

    custom patio Nashville

    Consider Purpose

    Before you start planning your patio , decide on the primary purpose your patio will serve, as this will have a major influence on its design. If you will be using the patio to eat breakfast and enjoy morning coffee, a quaint design will look best. But if you want to use it to regularly host a family barbeque, the patio will be larger and probably contain an outdoor kitchen.

    Select Furniture First

    With the purpose of your patio in mind, take a look at your favorite outdoor furniture options. Take note of which pieces you would most love to have on your new patio. Would you prefer a large dining table with plenty of chairs, or a coffee table and a loveseat? Selecting furniture now will help you determine the best shape, layout, and size for your patio.

    Visualize the Layout

    Your patio design company will be able to produce a scaled drawing or even a computer rendering of your new patio layout. This will help you better see the space and determine if you’re on the right track. Another way to get a good feel for the layout of the patio is by marking the patio’s edges with chalk or paint. You can even use a garden hose to trace the outline of your new patio to see if it will be the right shape and size for your needs and your new patio furniture.

    Landscaping and Hardscaping

    Your landscaping and hardscaping design company will help you determine which features and amenities will look best with your new patio. They can help you select a patio material, landscaping features, and amenities such as a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fireplace.

  • Make Your Backyard an Extension of Your Home

    No matter how big or small your house is, you can increase your living space by extending it into your backyard. Outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing with your family. You can create an outdoor living room with weather-friendly furniture on your paver patio, and build an outdoor kitchen so that you can grill and cook in the open air. As you consider how to transform your backyard into an outdoor living space, don’t forget to take your landscaping into account. Rid your yard of weeds and overgrown plants, and come up with a plan that will give you both privacy and shade. Take a look at this infographic from the Nashville hardscape design specialists at Custom Hardscapes LLC to find ideas on how you can create an outdoor living space. Please share with your friends and family, and live it up outside all year long.