Paver Patios Design Ideas by Custom Hardscapes LLC

An outdoor patio is a fine addition to any Nashville-area home. There are few things better than enjoying a beautiful Nashville evening with family and friends. If you’re looking to make your evenings even more special, consider installing an elegant patio on your property. Perhaps the most important aspect of a patio is its flooring material. When examining your options, be sure to consider patio pavers. The Nashville hardscape design experts at Custom Hardscapes can show you several styles and color tones of pavers, in addition to other material options, and explain how they could benefit your patio.

Common Paver Patio Uses

Pavers are typically made of either concrete or clay and can be arranged in several patterns to create a solid flooring surface and can be installed in a permeable or non-permeable system. You might consider using pavers for one of the following applications.

  • Outdoor Kitchen/Living space: Pavers are an excellent choice for an outdoor kitchen. The versatile nature of pavers makes it easy to explore many different custom designs.
  • Pool Patio: For safety’s sake, it’s important that you choose your pool patio materials very carefully. Pavers are great because they drain water easily and are non-slippery.
  • Entertaining Area: Many Nashville-area homeowners choose pavers for their outdoor entertaining areas. Pavers are also great for walkways, driveways, and other projects.

Benefits of Pavers

Tile, natural stone, and poured concrete are all popular choices for patios. However, patio pavers have a few distinct advantages over other materials.

  • Versatile: Pavers are like tiles, only stronger. You and your hardscape designer can arrange your pavers in any manner you wish to create a truly unique design.
  • Excellent Drainage: The porous nature of pavers makes it easy for water to pass through. This prevents standing water from damaging your elegant patio.
  • Simple Repairs: Pavers are very strong. Still, if one of your pavers becomes damaged, your hardscape designer can easily replace it with another paver. This is much more convenient than having to replace the entire patio.

Working with Custom Hardscapes

Pavers have a wide range of applications, and their versatility makes it easy to create precisely the result you have in mind. The hardscape designers at Custom Hardscapes have been serving Nashville and Brentwood residents for the last 20 years, and we have the expertise necessary to create the patio, driveway, outdoor kitchen, courtyard, or outdoor fireplace you want. We’re proud members of the Better Business Bureau, and we’re fully certified with the National Concrete Masonry Association and the International Concrete Pavement Institute. Call us at (615) 887-5554 to get one step closer to a wonderful new patio.