Retaining Wall Design & Construction in Nashville, Franklin and Brentwood, TN

Many homes in the Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin areas have backyards with natural slopes that prevent them from being useable space.  However, a well-designed and properly constructed retaining wall will transform your backyard for any purpose that you may have in mind.  Whether your desire is to expand your useable backyard space, add a patio, or correct existing drainage and/or erosion issues, retaining walls serve many purposes.  A properly constructed retaining wall should hold sloping soil in place and control drainage all while adding useable outdoor living square footage as well as complimenting your property’s outdoor aesthetics.

Retaining Wall Nashville

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Retaining Wall Location & Style

The location of your retaining wall may be determined by more than one factor. The intended purpose, design and project budget are just a few factors to determine the ideal location for your retaining wall. The overall height of your retaining wall may also be a factor in the design with tiered-retaining walls being an option to add definition with landscape beds or to avoid the over-bearing look that a taller wall may provide. During your free estimate with Custom Hardscapes, our design expert will listen to the vision of your project that you have in mind, the purpose that you expect to create and any concerns you may have to provide the ideal recommendations and discuss options for design, function, and material options.

Material options can include stone, brick or segmented retaining wall blocks. Each of these materials will have an impact on the overall budget of the project as well as the construction methods.

Regardless of which material is chosen, retaining walls must all be constructed properly including the footer, drainage pipe, filter fabric, drainage gravel. The retaining walls must also properly be backfilled and compacted. Often additional reinforcement must be properly installed to ensure proper stability for retaining walls. These factors typically include the overall height of the retaining wall, soil conditions and location in regards to additional forces that may exist behind a retaining wall. Custom Hardscapes specializes in the construction of retaining walls and we have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to properly construct retaining walls that will serve the intended purpose and will remain structurally sound.

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